Friday, September 11, 2009

Moodleposium Backchannel

The Moodleposium backchannel was brilliant. It was the first time I had participated in this. The backchannel was built using twitter with the hashtag #moodleposium. This twitter stream was aggregated into a coveritlive window on the Moodleposium Moodle site. The backchannel started several days before the event started and has drawn to a close several days after.

Lots of discussions and summaries of presentation on twitter - some RTs as well showing it moving to a wider audience.

The bad side of the backchannel was the appalling infrastructure the University has for this type of communication. It was an embarrassment - we looked like we were from the dark ages. There were inadequate powerpoints partially solved by ad hoc provision of a few powerboards. But the wireless internet connection was the worst. The wifi connection could not cope with the traffic demands and spat the dummy. Wireless broadband coverage was also poor. I could only get 2G coverage most of the time using my Optus dongle. This is just not good enough.

There should be sufficient powerpoints in the risers of the tiered seating and the WiFi system should be able to cope with 100s of simultaneous users. Also, 3G coverage from all major telcos should be available everywhere in the University.

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James Neill said...

Yup - the polite whinges by you, Michael and I over recent years about UC wireless have fallen so far on deaf ears. And the recent Moodleposium applied a litmus test. What do you reckon we do next?