Saturday, September 5, 2009

Students at Risk 6399 - Week 7

I have sent the usual emails to students who have not attended tutorials in week 7. I strengthened the email to the students who had only attended one tutorial by adding the following paragraph:

Come and see me during my consultation times (on LearnOnline) or call to make an appointment as soon as possible so I can help you develop a strategy that may give you a chance of recovering from the disastrous position in which you are currently located.

I have also sent emails to all students who did not attempt the third online test or who did poorly (<70%).

I have also posted a message on LearnOnline asking students to check their email accounts and reminding them of the new email account.

I have telephoned all students who have not attended any tutorials this semester. I was unable to reach two of the students but have spoken to all of the others about their performance. 5 of them have promised to improve their performance, 1 has indicated that he will withdraw from the unit.

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