Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lecture Attendance in 6399 - Weeks 1 and 2

The lecture attendance in 6399 so far this semester has been very poor.  It is not that they have become disenchanted by my lectures as they have not attended in the first place.  I have written to John White to ask if I can monitor who is downloading my lectures.  It should be possible as students have to login through OSIS to access the recordings.  I am going to start monitoring lecture attendance more closely.  It is not feasible to take attendance at lectures, nor am I using clickers which can be used as a sign-in.  To overcome this I am going to use my digital camera to photograph the lecture theatre.

This approach will, I hope, have two results.
  1. I can determine who is coming to class and reconcile this with tutorial attendance and LOL access to assess non-engagement
  2. I may get a Hawthorne-effect type result
I have also put a survey question on LOL asking who is using the recordings and how they are being used.

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